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What are we doing?

Hedy Production is a production marketplace that automatically matches you with the best supplier.

We attach particular importance to sustainability in production and fairness in dealing with employees and suppliers. Therefore, all suppliers in the network are audited.

During the production process we support you with project management from signing all contracts to delivering your ordered goods. It requires no effort from you and work in an unattended worry-free way.
You just need to do the initial order request and our algorithm will find the best fitting supplier and optimizes your purchasing process. Sounds easy, right?

"I want to find the best possible supplier for production but the search is a project in itself."

Choosing the right supplier for your product is actually a hard task. Many attempts to work with a supplier will fail not only because access to local partners can be hard and complicated, but also because you simply approached the wrong supplier. You could end up stuck in the process of requesting offers for months in this quest to find the best possible manufacturing partner for your needs.

saved working hours

HEDY Production will intelligently match you with the supplier most suited to your needs so you can save time as well as money. You can be sure that your goods are produced according to high quality standards by a local manufacturer. You won’t ever get stuck in negotiations and the search for the best offer. We have a high-performing supplier network that provides a great solution to any production requirement, so you can be sure you have found the perfect fit.

"I want to compare multiple offers, which quickly becomes very complicated."

Let’s say that you want to compare 3 different offers for your PCB production, 3 SMT assemblers, 3 separate offers for your injection mold housing and 3 different logistics partners. One of them offers all 3 requests, 2 of them offer logistics plus PCB production or injection molding.

This makes a total of 3+3+3+3 = 12 offer requests and 3x3x3x3x2x2 = 324 possible combinations that you could choose for your order! To make your decision even more complex, each offer has different price calculations and offer items. Having to evaluate and compare all the possible combinations using the traditional purchasing process would take hours upon hours.

Despite some careful consideration and worry about making the perfect choice, the final decision often ends up being based on gut feeling rather than on facts because it is not possible to compare the offers with standardized criteria.

saved comparisons

Hedy Production will use an algorithm based on ontologies to choose the best combinations and give you the opportunity to compare all the offers based on standardized criteria and transparent price calculations. You will be able to find the best possible supplier in a very short timespan.

"I do not know what my product will cost."

One of the most confusing aspects of procurement are supplier quotes or offers. 

Every company follows its own pricing strategy. Often, these are not comprehensible to the customer. 

100% cost transparency.

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cost transparency

Hedy quotes are 100% transparent and consistent, so you can easily compare and choose the best partner for you.

"I have too many contacts to keep track of during the process."

A production order involves many departments in a company. From sales and product development to production. This means that many people are in contact with you during the process. It can happen that you lose the overview.

point of contact

With Hedy you now have only one contact person who guides you through the entire production process and guarantees professional support. No more forwarding on the phone. No more cluttered CC lists in your emails.

"Losing track of the project’s status is all too easy."

Many traditional suppliers require product details and construction files be sent via post. Your files will probably be forwarded to the shop floor and development team, meaning at least 2 sales reps, 2 shop floor personnel, at least one product developer, and at least 2 people from your own team – 7 total! – are communicating about your project. This includes sending emails with updated files, updating documents on an internal server and some CC person will even ask for quite often details regarding your order being recorded in handwritten notes from. No wonder everyone is losing sight of the big picture!

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Hedy Production arranges everything in a clear and streamlined manner. In your personal project portal you will find all relevant and current information about your project at a glance. Hedy automatically notifies you if something changes in your order, manages your files and makes the latest version available to everyone. Everything at a glance, clearly arranged and up-to-date.


Most frequent questions and answers

All suppliers are selected according to strict quality and environmental criteria. All suppliers therefore have ISO 9100 certification.

In addition, we conduct annual audits and check the quality criteria.

When ordering, it is standard practice to send a sample for approval.

The delivery time depends on various factors. Worth mentioning are the method of production, the duration of the communication process to clarify product specifications, the time you need to release the product,  as well as the availability of any raw materials or components (EMS). 

Can I still make changes to the components after the quote request?  

It is a commonly occurring issue that construction parts need to be adapted due to supplier feedback, for example. At Hedy, you have the possibility to adapt your product and make changes to your order at any time. However, please note: Prices may change due to these adjustments. Our suppliers will inform you of any necessary changes.

As usual in the industry, we offer payment on account.

Attention: for the first order, many suppliers expect payment in advance.

Since it happens again and again in the everyday life of the order that construction parts are adapted due to the feedback of the suppliers. Therefore you have the possibility with Hedy to adapt your constructions at any time.

Attention: Due to the adjustments the prices may change. Our suppliers will inform you about changes.

We understand how much development, time and IP go into your products. For this reason, all suppliers sign NDA.

Your designs are 100% safe with us.

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