How it Works

Hedy Production is a production marketplace that automatically matches you with the right supplier. During the production process, we support you with project management, from the signing of contracts to delivery of your ordered goods. It requires minimal effort from you as we get the work done independently – you are spared the hassle and worry. 

You just need to complete the initial order request and our algorithm will find the best supplier and optimize your purchasing process. 

Sounds easy, right?

Order process walk-through

Step 1: Request
Request what you are looking for from our market place​: Hedy offers you a central point of contact for your production. Due to our streamlined order process, you just have to request one quote to cover all of your production needs.
Step 2: Matching
We access potential suppliers directly. Our algorithm understands your order and matches it with the three most suitable/best suppliers.
Step 3: Support
We help you with product management. Organizing the production process is time-consuming. Our project management helps you keep the overview and save precious time.


Most frequent questions and answers

All suppliers are selected according to strict quality and environmental criteria. All suppliers therefore have ISO 9100 certification.

In addition, we conduct annual audits and check the quality criteria.

When ordering, it is standard practice to send a sample for approval.

The delivery time depends on various factors. Worth mentioning are the method of production, the duration of the communication process to clarify product specifications, the time you need to release the product,  as well as the availability of any raw materials or components (EMS). 

Can I still make changes to the components after the quote request?  

It is a commonly occurring issue that construction parts need to be adapted due to supplier feedback, for example. At Hedy, you have the possibility to adapt your product and make changes to your order at any time. However, please note: Prices may change due to these adjustments. Our suppliers will inform you of any necessary changes.

As usual in the industry, we offer payment on account.

Attention: for the first order, many suppliers expect payment in advance.

Since it happens again and again in the everyday life of the order that construction parts are adapted due to the feedback of the suppliers. Therefore you have the possibility with Hedy to adapt your constructions at any time.

Attention: Due to the adjustments the prices may change. Our suppliers will inform you about changes.

We understand how much development, time and IP go into your products. For this reason, all suppliers sign NDA.

Your designs are 100% safe with us.