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Our network of manufacturing partners is growing, and we are always on the lookout for reliable partner companies that have spare capacity and want to drive the digitization of manufacturing. In return you get access to our network of innovative people who are searching for manufacturing partners.

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All the information is provided in the prochure. If you need additional information, we are always happy to receive a message.

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With Hedy Production you can focus on what you do best: providing an incredible manufacturing service for your customers.

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This is how it works

There are no registration fees or recurring installments with us. The only thing you need to invest at the beginning is a manageable amount of time for an audit to determine whether your company meets our requirements and the coordination of processes for smooth cooperation.

To register please fill out our form. We will then contact you regarding further procedures.


Most frequent questions and answers

* Tailoring of the incoming requests to your profile
* Quality check of the requests
* Specifications on the fly
* We clarify all important information in advance. You only need to clarify the details
* Document library
* Portal for order management and customer communication [comming soon].


More efficient process
* Match with the right customer supported by algorythm
* through easier handling through optimised user design
* through concentration on core competence through reduced administrative effort
* through simple customer communication via portal
* through perfectly prepared orders and low administration costs
More turnover
* by attracting new customer groups through digital distribution
* Increase in reach and thus more orders, higher capacity utilisation
* Multi-channel marketing possible (own website & Hedy marketplace)
Fast Return of Invest (ROI)
* No investment costs. Payment for the service only when the order is bindingly placed.
* No distribution costs
* Effort: Input of query, release of evaluation, maintenance of account


* Commissions for mediation
* Dependence on Hedy marketplace operator
* Fewer design options than with own website
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Hedy Production’s services are aimed at product developers, designers and buyers who:
* want to bring a new product onto the market or
* are looking for a second source supplier
who is geographically close and therefore accessible.

Our customers value:
* quality
* fairness along the entire value chain
* Transparency and
* Reginal partners in manufacturing

We understand how much development, time and IP go into your products. For this reason, all suppliers sign NDA.

Your designs are 100% safe with us.

There are no restrictions in terms of competition. With our onboarding process, we support them in working out their unique selling points. This helps them to get the right enquiries and to make a competitive offer for the production order.

Wir arbeiten an der zur Verfügungstellung der Information. Bitte kontaktieren sie in der Zwischenzeit:

In our marketplace, customers can order more than 50 production methods.
If you would like to offer a service that is not yet on the marketplace, please send us a message at:

Our service is not limited to countries. However, we strive to offer matchmaking as geographically close as possible. Taking into account all desired criteria.

All registered providers receive a user profile and a website (single page) free of charge on which the finishing services can be offered digitally.

You can reach our customer support as follows:
Mon – Fri: 9:00 – 18:30
+43 670 507 5538

Part of our service is the quality check of the requests. This ensures that
* you only receive suitable
* and serious enquiries via the platform.
The templates provided and our specifications on the fly also support you in the acquisition and processing of enquiries.

Fill out the online form. We check and activate the profile for you. You customise it. We send you the user contract. Sign and the offer goes online.

There are no costs for setting up the account. Costs are only incurred when a binding production order is placed. Sh. Sales commissions.

There are no basic fees for using our services. Costs are only incurred when a binding production order is placed. Sh. Sales commissions.

The brokerage commissions are set out individually in the user agreements on the basis of the respective manufacturing sector. However, they are in the order of 5-10% of the order volume.

There are no additional costs for using the Hedy marketplace.

Enquiries are allocated and orders are mediated on the marketplace. The order is processed between the two user groups. Hedy acts exclusively as an intermediary. For the mediation, the commission agreed in the user agreement is invoiced at the end of each month.