Fused Layer Modeling (FLM)

Service Details

Looking for a reliable, fast supplier for your product? With hundreds of machnes in our network, we have unparalleled capacity, so we can always deliver on time and best quality. The Supplier at Hedy are specialized for industrial production of end-use components.

We accept all file formats. The component drawings must meet the standards customary in the industry.

Elektronik Products

  • PCB data (ZIP from Gerber and drill files or project files from Eagle, KiCad, Target3001)
  • Pick’n’Place file incl. all SMD and THT components to be assembled
  • Parts list/BOM incl. manufacturer designation for each item, ideally as an Excel file
  • Assembly plan as PDF file
  • If required, your detailed specification for PCB, THT assembly or mechanical structure.

Metal, Plastic or Wood Products

  • CAD files
  • Part list/Material list incl. manufacturer designation for each item, ideally as an Excel file

If you need any information on this, we would be pleased to hear from you at sales@hedyproduction.com.

What you have to consider when ordering


Most frequent questions and answers

All suppliers are selected according to strict quality and environmental criteria. All suppliers therefore have ISO 9100 certification.

In addition, we conduct annual audits and check the quality criteria.

When ordering, it is standard practice to send a sample for approval.

The delivery time depends on different factors. To mention would be the production type, the duration of the detail clarification, the duration of the release of you, as well as the availability of the raw materials or components (EMS).
The procurement of the components and the clarification of the details usually takes the most time in the production order.

As usual in the industry, we offer payment on account.

Attention: for the first order, many suppliers expect payment in advance.

Since it happens again and again in the everyday life of the order that construction parts are adapted due to the feedback of the suppliers. Therefore you have the possibility with Hedy to adapt your constructions at any time.

Attention: Due to the adjustments the prices may change. Our suppliers will inform you about changes.

We know how much know how, time and IP is in the products. Therefore suppliers sign NDAs.
Your designs are with us 100% safe.

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