What drives us

About Hedy

At Hedy Production, we want to solve the biggest problem in the manufacturing industries in Europe: Local production hard to access.

Engineers and Business Developer need to know who can produce what, who knows what and what the price structure looks like. Buyers want to be able to compare offers. Project Manager want to have an overview. Managers want to have an overview of the project status. People in the shop floor want to know how to inform if something is changing.

In business, we need transparency to make informed decisions.

Hedy Production provides an easy and worry-free access to local production resources. We aim to make local production available to as many people as possible. 

And we do this by creating a  ecosystem by connecting ideas and machines.

Connecting is everything

Why Hedy



Access to local production by mapping supply and demand on one platform.



Transparent pricing as well as clear responsibilities and disclosure of know-how make offers comprehensible.



Local production becomes affordable and competitive through the optimal use of available production capacities.

Driven by Passion

The Team behind Hedy

We are united by the vision of making local production accessible to everyone. Our expertise comes from years of experience in production, process management and product development. We are a diverse team with different professional backgrounds. And despite all this, we have all had the same experiences: local production is unnecessarily difficult to access.

This passion to change makes Hedy possible and makes our product what it is: easy and worry-free to use.


We are united by the vision of making local production accessible to everyone.


Executive and Business Developement

Melanie is responsible for order processing and management. She comes from the hardware industry and brings in her experience from manufacturing and product launch.


Process manager

Aleksandra is responsible for process development and automation at Hedy. She brings her experience in writing and monitoring processes in large companies to Hedy.


Product Developement

Alexander is responsible for product development at Hedy. He brings many years of experience as programmer and product manager to the team.

The Network

Our Advisery Crowd

Andreas Bruckmüller

Why Interim

Marcus Ramsauer

CEO Tele-Haase

Marcus advises us in the area of business development and teambuilding and thus brings in his experience as a long-time managing director.

Thomas Schranz

Founder & CEO at Lemmings, Mithril, Blossom

Markus Stelzmann

CEO Tele-Haase, Founder Playground

Markus advises us in the area of future of production and new work and thus brings in his experience as a long-time managing director.

Philipp Hungerländer


Take a look

Where does the name "Hedy" come from?

Hedy Lamarr is world famous as an actress and sex symbol of the thirties.
Until today, the inventor Hedy Lamarr is almost unknown.
At the beginning of the 1940s, Hedy developed the frequency hopping method together with a friend, the composer George Antheil. In 1942, the inventors received a patent for their secret communication system.
Lamarr’s and Antheil’s invention laid the foundation for all mobile communications technologies: Wireless data transmission is essential for WLAN, GPS and Bluetooth.

The name Hedy Production stands in their honor, but also in honor of the countless other women who, despite their achievements, have been forgotten by the history of technology.